NaN Glyph


This site showcases a collection of free-to-use, free-to-modify fonts that were generated by code as well as the scripts themselves.


1. Input Font

All scripts require an input font as a basis for modification. These examples use Rubik but you can find others at Google Fonts or equally use your own.

import GlyphsApp from NaNGFGraphikshared import * from NaNGFAngularizzle import * from NaNGFSpacePartition import * from NaNGFNoise import * from NaNFilter import NaNFilter class Glitch(NaNFilter): ​ params = { "S": {"maxshift": 200}, "M": {"maxshift": 300}, "L": {"maxshift": 400} } sliceheight = 5 ​ def setup(self): pass ​ def processLayer(self, thislayer, params): ​ maxshift = params["maxshift"] thislayer.removeOverlap() paths = copy.copy(thislayer.paths) ClearPaths(thislayer) slicedpaths = self.returnSlicedPaths(paths, self.sliceheight) self.ShiftPathsNoise(slicedpaths, maxshift) AddAllPathsToLayer(slicedpaths, thislayer) thislayer.removeOverlap() ​ self.CleanOutlines(thislayer, remSmallPaths=True, remSmallSegments=False, remStrayPoints=True, remOpenPaths=True, keepshape=False) ​ def returnSlicedPaths(self, pathlist, sliceheight): ​ slicedpaths = [] tmplayer = GSLayer() AddAllPathsToLayer(pathlist, tmplayer) bounds = AllPathBounds(tmplayer) ox, oy, w, h = bounds[0], bounds[1], bounds[2], bounds[3] starty = int(oy/sliceheight) * sliceheight - 1 y = starty sh = sliceheight ​ while y < starty+h: tmplayer.cutBetweenPoints(NSPoint(ox-1, y), NSPoint(ox+w+1, y)) y+=sh sh = sliceheight * random.randrange(1, 5) ​ slicedpaths = tmplayer.paths del tmplayer return slicedpaths ​ def ShiftPathsNoise(self, pathlist, maxshift): ​ noisescale, seedx, seedy = 0.05, random.randrange(0,100000), random.randrange(0,100000) minsize, maxsize = 0, maxshift n = 0 for p in pathlist: y_noiz = pnoise1( ((1000+n)+seedy)*noisescale, 3) ry = noiseMap( y_noiz, minsize, maxsize ) ShiftPath(p, ry, "x") n+=1 ​ Glitch()

2. Unique Script

All scripts are executed on input fonts within GlyphsApp. There’s a shared codebase so you can modify existing parameters or create your own.


3. Output Font

The scripts generate outlines per selected glyph or entire set. Regenerate individually for alternate variations or modify the outlines by hand before exporting your font.

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